Sunday, March 27, 2011

10 & 11 weeks

i can't say there was much change. again, i have good days and bad days. one day i was feeling great, and because i am nearing 12 weeks, i thought this meant the morning sickness was finally going away, but the three days after that were awful. i have succumbed to gagging over the toilet every morning before breakfast, and as long as i eat and am able to lay down all day, i feel okay. i am exhausted and even walking around for a few minutes makes me feel so light-headed and nauseated. it's not fun, and i'm getting pretty sick of feeling sick all the time. i just want to feel normal!

other than that, all other symptoms are the same, except my back pain is getting slightly worse. not bad enough to keep me from doing anything though -- so as soon as this nausea goes away, i fully intend to get back to living a normal life.

food aversions this week are hard-boiled eggs and subway sandwiches. i have very little appetite when i am nauseous and have had to force myself to eat.


  1. I couldn't eat eggs plain in any form until my third trimester. The thought of cooked eggs was enough to make me gag.
    Have you thought about keeping Gatorade or, I hate to say it, soda by your bed to sip on before you get up in the morning? Just something to try to get your blood sugar up before you get moving. I still think that's a huge factor...especially after you said eating helps.

  2. i actually LOVED gatorade when i was pregnant with river. i don't know if it helped any, but i sipped it all day long some days. i should really try it again!