Wednesday, March 9, 2011

8 weeks

besides horrible back pain most likely due to a strained muscle and not related to pregnancy and a fever unrelated to the horrible back pain, week 8 was easier in terms of morning sickness. i have not once thrown up and it has become so mild that i can get up in the morning without eating something first. of course, i do have to eat right away or i do risk gagging or dry retching (lovely, i know) but all in all, this pregnancy compared to my pregnancy with river is so much easier. even my other symptoms are milder. my sense of smell, while stronger, is not as out of control as it was with river. my back pain (the kind caused by pregnancy) is pretty uncomfortable, but i think that also might have to do with the fact that i sit a lot. i should probably start walking during the moments i feel good to take some of the pressure off my back, but it's so cold here in pittsburgh and i'm a complete texas wimp! i could walk in over 100 degree weather during my pregnancy with river, but don't ask me to walk in 40 degree weather. ;)

my hunger beast is still crazy, but my appetite hasn't returned. i can eat most anything now without feeling sick about the smell or taste (um, except pizza. my family has been eating a plethora of pizza lately and now i really can't touch it) which is great, but as far as feeling like eating anything, i would be fine if i didn't eat all day long. if my stomach wouldn't get hungry so fast. i am on an infant's eating schedule! i have to eat practically every three hours or i will feel absolutely starving and then i will get nauseated.

other than my positive update on morning sickness, i still have the other symptoms -- back pain, over-active sense of smell, sore nipples, excess saliva, bitchy hormones. i have been craving sushi! good thing my favorite sushi from HEB is cooked. too bad the closest HEB is 1,500 miles away. oh and sneezing! i forgot that pregnancy makes me sneeze. is that not hilarious? i just randomly sneeze. it sneaks up on me without warning. the other night i woke myself up at 3:45 am with a sneeze. (i've read that it's because when you're pregnant, your entire body is producing more mucus and fluids -- hence the excess saliva).

oh! and i can feel my uterus! which is definitely a milestone. with river i couldn't feel it myself until i was about thirteen or fourteen weeks pregnant. this time i am completely aware of it as of two days ago. it just seems to have popped out. definitely not showing at all yet, though. i found out today it's about the size of an orange and the baby is about an inch long. love. :)


  1. I hated the excess saliva. I drooled like a dog when I slept!

    On your uterus: You'll find that you get big faster this time because your body is prepped evens out. So don't be depressed when you look 6 months along at 4 months or something! I hated that none of my clothes fit after a couple of months.

  2. i was expecting to look pregnant sooner because i've heard soo many moms say their uterus just sort of falls out the second time around, LOL. i'm actually excited about looking pregnant earlier this time! i didn't look pregnant with river until about twenty weeks, and i hate that in-between stage where i know people are thinking, "wait... is she pregnant? or did she just have a large lunch?"