Sunday, August 3, 2014

26-30 weeks

I think I've entered the "comfortable" part of pregnancy. Besides the heat and not having an air conditioned apartment, things have been relatively uneventful and nice! It must also be noted that I have reached the part of pregnancy where it is impossible to lean down to pick things up and food that falls lands directly on my belly.

I've discovered as long as I sleep with a couple pillows between my legs, I don't have pelvic pain! This is literally the first time, the first pregnancy even, that I haven't had pelvic pain. It's always one of my earliest symptoms, and makes doing anything painful and difficult. I'm really glad I'm not experiencing it too much (only now and then) because as a mom of a four-year-old and two-year-old, not doing stuff isn't really an option. While I don't have pelvic pain, I do have a general weariness of my bones and muscles. It feels so good to sit... which is what I do all the time anyway. Ha.

I'm still super moody and emotional. John and I never fight, and we've had two arguments this month... I know it's because I am being a bitch about everything! The slightest thing sets me off, and the kids are taking the brunt of it. Poor guys. I don't really know what to do. I feel like I'm yelling at them all day long sometimes! I'm trying to keep my head above the water, because sometimes I can feel the depression trying to tug on me. I won't let it, though; not this time. Now that I know what postpartum depression feels like, and I'm aware that I dealt with it last time, I know how to avoid it and ask for support if I need it. Depression sucks, y'all.

Insomnia hasn't been too bad. One o'clock in the morning is my bed time, and I get up around ten. I'm afraid if I try to go to sleep any earlier, I will be waking up and staying up at 3am, just like when I was pregnant in Austen. That was brutal.

Fatigue and sleepiness is still pretty bad. I'm just tired, all the time. I start to feel run down between 3 to 5 in the afternoon (which happens to also be the hottest part of the day, and lately it's been in the 90s) and all I want to do is lie down and rest. Often I'll take a nap after lunch while the kids just watch TV. Nothing I can do about that, I suppose, since I'm already getting nine hours of sleep a night. I really wanted to run during this pregnancy, but I get tired so easily, I think it would be impossible. By the time I am able to run, say in January or so, it will have been almost a year. So that's going to be interesting! I'll have to start all over again, going probably a third mile at a time. Eh.

As far as food goes, our relationship is rocky. I don't really have any cravings and usually wait until the afternoon to eat, but by then I'm super light headed and feel like passing out. Eating makes me salivate like crazy, which in turn makes me nauseated. The hypersalivation is by far my biggest complaint. It. Is. Nasty. It gives me this horrid metallic taste in my mouth, and I either have to carry around a cup to spit in, or chew on gum. All day long. I've gone through ten packs of gum in the last month. (That's super healthy, huh. How do you like that fake chemical sweetener, Baby? On the up-side my teeth feel clean all the time.) Heartburn has just recently come back at night, which sucks. It's not nearly as bad as it was before, but it still makes me nauseated and generally uncomfortable. I can eat two meals a day and then go to bed hungry if I don't want to be miserable. I wouldn't eat anything at all if that was an option; food just doesn't appeal to me much lately -- just live on chocolate milk and ice tea, maybe a juicy piece of fruit now and then. Sounds good to me! (Except for sea food... shrimp, lobster, flounder, oh my. I guess you could say that's what I've been craving. I feel like I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! But I don't, because I don't really buy seafood. But I sure am craving it.)

Braxton Hicks contractions have begun. Phew, they take my breath away! I have to stop what I'm doing and breathe through them. This is how it was with my other two, so I am unconcerned. I think these strong practice contractions may be the reason I labor quickly, and I am totally fine with that. They aren't painful, just intense. I'd rather have these for the next ten weeks, than painful ones for hours at the end!

I'm getting my iron checked next week, but when I had it checked at the WIC clinic a few weeks ago, it went up a point! This was before I started my supplements, so I am hopeful!

Lots of movement from this baby the last two weeks. Finally! Still not as acrobatic as the other two. This baby likes to hang out completely horizontal, which cracks me up. I'll feel movement on one side and kicks on the other. Still a lot of room in there. (Ya better head downwards, baby. Never had a breach baby and don't plan on it for the future.)

I have been really bad about keeping up with this journal, so I don't recall my weight from the previous weeks, but this week (30 weeks) I have gained 23 pounds. With River, I gained a total of 27 pounds, and with Austen I gained 30. I'm right on target with where I was during my pregnancies with them. Weight during pregnancy has never been something I've cared about though. Obviously, it's completely out of my control... I ate normally with River, ate TONS of sugar with Austen (daily doses of Dr. Pepper and Twix bars... it was bad), and simply don't have an appetite with this baby, and my body just kinda does what it wants!