Thursday, March 17, 2011

9 weeks

wow -- what a difference week nine was in terms of morning sickness. i met with the toilet every other day and had a pretty consistent gagging feeling in the back of my throat -- so freaking unpleasant. i can't tell you how many times i had to stop talking mid-sentence and refrain from randomly gagging (although, it's still not as horrible as it was with river).

still constantly hungry, but no real appetite. i will crave the most random things throughout the day; this week it was dolmas, cheese enchiladas from taco cabana, cinnamon rolls from lulu's, barbacoa tacos from chacho's (all of these restaurants are very far from pittsburgh, sadly!) and beef... i don't normally eat beef (it kind of grosses me out) and when i was pregnant with river, beef was one of my food aversions, but this time i am craving it and it is delicious! this is a good thing, since i had a problem with anemia last time.

slight over-active sense of smell (but not bad), excess saliva (really gross and pretty bad this week), fatigue, sneezing. no back pain this week! this pregnancy is so easy compared to my first pregnancy.

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