Friday, March 4, 2011

7 weeks

my morning sickness is at its worst in the morning, but i've found that drinking water during the night and eating constantly during the day, even when i don't feel like it, keeps my nausea at bay. some days are worse than others, and i have lost five pounds this week, but none have been as bad as they were with river. during my first pregnancy, i could barely eat a meal without losing it. with this baby, i may be horribly uncomfortable but i can still manage to eat. food aversions are worse when i don't eat. so if i stay on top of it and graze between meals, i feel best. as far as food aversions go, when my nausea is bad, nothing sounds good. but the few things i have actually craved have been various fruit, yogurt, fish sticks, cheez-its, and taco salad. very weird!

slight sensitivity to smell, excess saliva which is way more disgusting than you can imagine, sometimes trouble sleeping. i'm more teary-eyed this time around than with river. but not in a bad way -- i'm crying happy tears at the drop of a hat. anything that has to do with motherhood, babies, children, and i am gasping back tears! disney commercials, diaper commercials ... it's pretty funny.

i haven't really experienced any more symptoms. my back hurts occasionally, but not as bad as it hurt with river, and not often. my nipples are still slightly sore and breastfeeding hurts every once in a while, but this too isn't very often. i've been lucky so far for an easier pregnancy this time around!

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