Thursday, September 29, 2011

38 weeks

well, i am officially 38 weeks, and thus considered full-term, tomorrow. and i feel like it. the past week just sort of hit me physically. i am so achy and tired. my abdomen feels as stretched as it could possibly be, and so incredibly heavy. i'm also feeling pretty crampy, but not in the labor sense. i'm so ready for this baby to come! she has been head-down for a couple months now, but she likes hanging out posterior lately, with her little hands by her face. hopefully she'll decide to be anterior when i go into labor... with her hands away from her head. kind of funny, because i was sort of concerned about both. i know they are common and that posterior labor can be very painful, and a nuchal hand can cause a tear. my midwife told me a lot of women compare posterior labor to fast labor though -the same intensity- so i figure if i could deal with river's four-hour labor, maybe i'll be able to deal with a posterior labor, if that's what baby decides she wants to do. i have not been checked and i'm not really sure i want to be checked, so as of now i have no idea if my cervix has begun to dilate or soften. at this point with river, i had only dilated 1/2 a centimeter, and he ended up coming just two days after my due date and after only four hours of labor. checking is pointless, really, but i'm curious. however, curiosity killed the cat. or... makes a mama miserable if the result isn't what she was hoping for. ;)

on a different note, i'm still thinking this baby is going to come out a boy. maybe that sounds silly, but a part of me feels like i still should not get too excited about having a girl and just prepare myself emotionally for another boy... ha.

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