Friday, September 23, 2011

36-37 weeks

not much to report on. i noticed the other day i have gotten more stretch marks. i hadn't even paid attention. haven't really had any heartburn, insomnia is come and go, my braxton hicks are still frequent and strong, and i'm still emotional. oh, and i think i'm nesting. which is nice because i never nested with river. as much as i think i hate it, cleaning is pretty therapeutic and it takes a lot of stress out of my life when the house is in order. i can't function in mess and disorganization!

this baby girl can come any day now. i'm so excited! i'm crossing my fingers for the 7th or the 12th of october -- the 7th is my little sister emma rose's birthday, and the 12th is my grandparent's anniversary. mostly, i am looking forward to being out of maternity clothes and being able to pick things up off the floor without feeling terribly uncomfortable. i'm trying to remind myself not to get anxious. river came only two days after his EDD, and this whole time, without even realizing it, i've expected this baby to come close to her due date. however, that could very well not be the case. i'm trying to prepare myself to go over and not be impatient. she'll come in her own time!

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