Saturday, June 4, 2011

week 21? 22? i can't remember...

pregnancy to do list:
unreasonable sobbing spell of the day. check.

if there's one major difference between this pregnancy and the last, it's that i am the most emotional being on the planet. the tiniest thing can set me off -- the tone of john's voice, river emptying out a box of cereal on the floor, a sappy commercial, you name it.

my morning sickness is gone, thank god. the other day i had a really weird day where i woke up nauseous, almost threw up after breakfast, and was nauseated most of the day. but seriously, other than that, it's gone. and other than being anemic and hardly being able to hold up a bowl of milk for river to finish because my arm is too weak, i feel really great. the house has been clean for about four days -- that's a sign that all is well and despite my lack of energy, i have a lot of energy. if that makes sense. i'm going to blame it on the pregnancy. i like cleaning things lately. early nesting?

peanut butter gives me heartburn. sad day. PB&J was my obsession when i was pregnant with river (as well as hotdogs, BBQ, and sweet iced tea). i'm not craving it, so i don't have a problem not eating it... but peanut butter cookies, that's a different story. i'm very disappointed that i can't eat twelve peanut butter cookies and not get heartburn. totally not fair. this time around i am craving BBQ again like a maaaad woman. our pastor gave us a giant hunk of pork shoulder that should feed us for three days and i am crazy with anticipation. two more days of thawing in the fridge and eight hours of cooking in the oven and then slathered with brown sugar bar-b-que sauce and slapped between two hamburger buns and it's mine! ALL MINE!

this is the first time in my pregnancy when i don't remember how far along i am. i think i'm 22 weeks. but it could be 21... i don't think it's 23... i'll figure it out soon. and people keep asking if we've found out what the baby is. nope. believe me, you'll know. it'll either be:

it's a boy. told you.



here's my bump as of...two weeks ago?

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