Thursday, June 30, 2011

25 weeks & a comparison

this pregnancy has been easier on me than the last. here is a mid-pregnancy comparison of the two so far.

.morning sickness.
or rather, all-day sickness. i thought for a while that this time it was easier, but my husband thinks it was about the same, that i was just more prepared for it this time and handled it better. at this point, i agree. there were two things i did differently, almost from the start: i didn't eat (as much) junk food, and i allowed myself to throw up every morning before i ate. the first one is obviously self-explanatory. and, well, throwing up water is not nearly as bad as throwing up breakfast. if i didn't let myself throw up, then i'd generally feel bad the entire day. at least puking first thing gave me some relief. the difference this time is that the morning sickness lasted longer. it wasn't really gone until about 20 weeks (with river, it was gone by 17 weeks) and even now at 25 weeks, i still get nauseous every once in a while. but nothing to complain about -- as long as i have had enough water and protein and am able to put something dense in my stomach (a couple slices of toast, as opposed to a bowl of grapes) then i am perfectly fine.

the only thing that gave me heartburn during my first pregnancy was coffee. this time, most anything can give me heartburn. it's milder than last time, just more frequent. i think this has to do with my morning sickness and puking stomach acids every morning. (isn't pregnancy lovely?)

.aches & pains.
i was so achy with river, from the first trimester to the last. there was no "easy" middle trimester. my hips & back hurt and i experienced so many middle-of-the-night leg cramps it's not even funny. the weird sensations of a large baby growing inside really bothered me and i was generally uncomfortable all the time. i think part of the reason it's easier on me this time is that, again, i was more prepared... although i am getting to that point in the pregnancy when it starts becoming more uncomfortable, just because of the size of my growing baby!

with each pregnancy, i have been very low in iron. obviously, this effects my energy levels and makes me light-headed and physically tired. the other day i was trying to hold a cereal bowl up while river was finishing the milk and my arm was so weak i had to take a couple breaks. ha! with a toddler in the picture, i am forced to be more active rather than just lie on the couch watching tv all day, which is something i did often during my first pregnancy. because of this, i think i feel better (even though my iron levels are a little lower than last time) until i randomly feel as if i will pass out, and the only thing that will make me feel better is eating something. i upped my iron pretty quickly during my first pregnancy, but this time i haven't been sticking to it like i should. i need to really get on it though, and my midwives keep reminding me i'll feel so much better when i do!

.food aversions & cravings.
this one always makes me laugh! with river, i couldn't eat green salads, yogurt, or beef the entire time i was pregnant. this time around i am actually craving green salads and beef (i eat a giant spinach salad  almonds, dried cranberries, & feta cheese every day for lunch... SO GOOD). this time the only aversion i've found that's lasted past my first trimester is lamb gyros. normally i love lamb gyros but they just don't float my boat right now. and eating a lot of grapes or tomatoes (sliced or as a sauce) make me nauseous. i love grapes. sad day. :( as far as cravings go, once again i am craving bar-b-q like a mad woman. i didn't even like BBQ before i got pregnant with river! during that pregnancy and now, i could eat it every day. i never get tired of it. give me some grilled chicken and sausage and brisket and pulled-pork sandwiches all slathered in BBQ sauce and we will be friends for life. don't forget a giant sweet iced tea! my appetite isn't crazy this time around, and it wasn't when i was pregnant with river, either. i think i'm actually eating less than i do when i'm not pregnant. probably because i was breastfeeding and literally eating for myself and a 17-month-old, unlike pregnancy -- you're not really "eating for two;" more like eating for one and a fourth. :)

.braxton hicks.
during my first pregnancy, i started feeling braxton hicks contractions around 21, 22 weeks, and they gradually became very strong (i think this attributes, in part, to my fast, four-hour labor). with this baby, i felt them around 14 weeks and now they are so strong, sometimes i have to stop what i'm doing and breathe through them! they are not painful, but very strong, and i'm hoping this is a sign that i will have another easy labor, because much of the work is already being done.

i'm still super emotional, which is not something i experienced at all with river. this means at any given moment, if my poor husband says the wrong thing, i will feel hurt, bitchy, offended, or angry. i know this has everything to do with my hormones, and i can recognize it so quickly that it's almost funny (if i wasn't so upset ;). i have this theory that because i am carrying a girl, there is an overabundance of estrogen and that's what's making me so moody. no idea if that is legit or not, but it sounds good. and certain commercials and sappy youtube videos still make me cry. it's just ridiculous. 

.other super fun things.
the excess saliva is killing me. seriously, it's SO GROSS. and i'm still dealing with it! with river, when the morning sickness went away, the excess saliva went away. but i'm still having to spit in the sink every now and then and it makes me sick to my stomach. blech. my sense of smell is still extremely sensitive, and that also makes me feel sick... again, mostly just chemical smells (lotion, candles, shampoo, etc.). 

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