Tuesday, July 1, 2014

21-25 weeks

Finally, the constant, all-day sickness is gone. I very slowly weaned off my Zofran starting at around 20 weeks, and at 24 weeks was off completely. I am SO happy. I still get nauseated now and then, but I feel almost back to normal and that is all that matters! My heartburn went away along with the sickness, too. I am thrilled. Now I feel like I can actually enjoy being pregnant (maybe).

When the sickness left, everything else started, it seems. My moodiness is here (I cry about the most random things), the fatigue is greater than it ever was with my first two pregnancies (it feels like first trimester fatigue... I could sleep all day), my pelvic pain is out of control (it's hard to get out of bed, stand from sitting, and get dressed), insomnia, Braxton Hicks. Baby moves every day, more pronounced now.

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