Friday, March 28, 2014

6-11 weeks

Horrible heartburn. Debilitating nausea and vomiting. Nights are worse. Vial tasting, excess saliva constantly that makes the nausea so much worse. Sensitivity to smells that cause me to throw up. Pelvic pain, but not too bad, probably because I'm practically on bedrest. Insomnia.

Bump pops out at 11 weeks. Before then I couldn't see or feel a thing.

This severe morning sickness is the worst I've ever dealt with, and after talking to some women on hyperemisis gravidarum pages, I'm fairly certain I have a very mild case. I won't call it that, though, knwoing what some women with HG go through, so I'm just sticking to the term "severe morning sickness," even though with this baby it certainly lasts morning, noon, and night, even in the middle of the night. I was vomiting up to 8 times a day, I couldn't keep anything down and my esophagus was burning and bloody due to vomiting so much and so violently. I got into the pattern of drinking a couple of high-protein ensures and apple juice during the day, knowing I would throw them up within the hour, but hoping to at least get some nutrients and hydration. I almost passed out while caring for the kids one morning, which led me to seek medicine. One night I was feeling so awful, John took a taxi home early from work to take me to the urgent care clinic. There I was prescribed Reglan. I was hesitant to take it after reading the very common adverse side-effects, but I was at the point of desperation, so I took my first dose on a day John had off work, just to be safe. It was a life saver, and I have absolutely zero side-effects. I still feel very ill someday, but I can function. I can move and sit up without feeling like I am going to throw up. I still get sick every morning and sometimes at night, but feel so much better. In a couple weeks, I am going to try Zofran. I still deal with the edge of nausea all day, even on good days, so I hope the Zofran will work a bit better.

With Austen this lasted until 20 weeks and with River, 17 weeks. So I've got at least a month to go. I feel like I've been strong, but this morning I broke down and had my first pregnancy emotional breakdown. I'm sick of being sick, sick of everything smelling and making me nauseated, sick of the house being a wreck, sick of yelling at my kids from the couch, sick of not being able to read to them or play with them, sick of not being able to do simple things like go grocery shopping or take a trip to the library, sick of not being able to take a shower without feeling like I'm going to pass out, sick of not being able to enjoy food, sick of having to sit up for hours after dinner to combat the heartburn. Just sick of it all.

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