Saturday, August 13, 2011

30-31 weeks

- my iron has gotten lower! it's at a 9 (whatever that means) and it should be at an 11 to be on the very low end of healthy, preferably a 14. (seriously, what does that mean?) i am in my 32nd week, which means i really need to be consistent with getting it up. every day i need to take chlorophyll, yellowdock, and vitamins C and B, and then in a month my midwife will draw my blood again. sigh. i'm thinking of taking floradix like i did with river, because it worked so well, but it's about $50 for a bottle (taking two tablespoons a day), whereas chlorophyll is $12 for a tincture (about 40 drops a day).

- my esophagus is so messed up, i can tell what will give me heartburn as i'm eating it. chocolate, salsa, peanut butter -- if it burns going down, it burns coming up.

- i'm weighing less and measuring smaller than i did with river at this point in my pregnancy. i'm hoping this doesn't mean i'm not as far along as i think.

- insomnia is annoying, but i can live with it as long as i don't have anything to do the next morning. i can fall asleep okay, but i'll wake up three hours later and not be able to fall back asleep, sometimes for a few hours. then when i finally do, it's that dozing kind of sleep, where you feel like you've been awake the whole night. by seven, i can usually fall back into a good sleep, but then river's ready to get up a couple hours later.

- the baby is now moving around just as much as her big brother did... she was so quiet for so long, but the past month i've been thinking she's trying to rip her way out of my uterus. that, or she's hosting dance parties.

- this pregnancy has given me three more stretch marks. with river, i got two teeny stretch marks on my stomach in the LAST WEEK of pregnancy. these showed up a couple weeks ago and are getting longer. whatever.

- cravings: beef and dr pepper. i have had a lot of burgers lately... normally i never eat beef!


  1. buy the floradix online and it is MUCH cheaper. one of the vitamin stores online usually has a free shipping promo for first-time orders. i can't believe you're so far along already! it's crazy!

  2. You are probably craving beef for the iron? It's funny I understand everything you are going through. The sleepless nights are totally me! Last night I was in bed by 1:30 woke up at 3:30 went back to bed about 4:30. Then slept until 1pm! I have not done that before, but apparently all these sleepless nights are catching up. The same heartburn things for you, I've been dealing with as well. This is the "fun" part of pregnancy! :)

  3. Serious question. What is the risk of having low iron? Is it mostly for you during labor/delivery or baby? I was also anemic with Ethan but just took iron pills and was fine. I wasn't at all with Rowan.
    I also gained way less with Rowan. I only gained 15 lbs the entire pregnancy! She was 10 of that! LOL. I totally thought he would come out smaller but nope, almost the exact same weight as her brother. Don't stress about that. Didn't you have an ultrasound done anyways?

  4. jess, the risk is after the birth. :( my body would loose about two cups of blood but would think i was loosing more, and i could go into shock. alisa said there are ways to stop bleeding (she even has a medication that her referring OB gives her permission to use!) and that she's only ever had to transfer 2 women to the hospital after a birth due to blood loss but i just don't think that's a risk i want to take. i'm also extremely weak and tired lately, some days are bad and some days i don't notice it, but i want the energy to actually give birth, haha.

  5. and yes, we had an US... baby's perfect. :) i'm not concerned for her, just the birthing process.. i really don't want to have to go to a hospital.

  6. I know what the "numbers" mean. I had really low iron after my tonsillectomy had severe complications. The numbers measure the parts per million. I was at about 5 and then they transfused two units of blood to bring me to 9 then my body spent the next 4 months getting me to 11 and the rest of that year to get me in the healthy range. It made me feel very tired, weak, and cold.

  7. I really hope your numbers go up, I'm worried about you! Can you get some kind of prescription iron pills or something from her OB? You do have Medicaid, right? I have been feeling very weak lately too, I think I am anemic again. I had so much energy when I was pregnant and now I'm dragging along. Let me know what happens or if I can help out in any way. I have some prenatal vitamins that are specifically iron too if you want them...

  8. cassidy, omg! you must have felt like CRAP! at a 9, sometimes i get tired just sitting upright! i can't imagine being at a 5...

    jess, it's just a matter of me being consistent. i had the same problem with river and got it up quickly when i took care of myself. i just haven't been taking my supplements. no excuses, other than they taste nasty and make my stomach hurt.. ha :)