Monday, May 2, 2011

15 & 16 weeks

15 weeks, in terms of morning sickness, was awful. i don't know why. i had some of my worst days and was seriously considering whether i'd have to go through an entire nine months of morning sickness. now i'm coming to the end of my 16th week and i can say i may finally be seeing an end to this all-day nausea. i hope. i always wake up nauseous and i still throw up every morning, but after some protein i am normally good to go. i've actually had enough energy the last three days to do a little laundry, wash some dishes, vacuum, and cook a meal or two. this is my only consolation that things are looking up though, because evenings are hard. it doesn't seem to matter what i do or do not eat, i get to a point where nothing will take away the nausea but sleep.

i am still just as tired as i was in my first trimester. i'm sleeping eleven hours a night, and i still wake up thinking noooo, river. go back to sleep. mommy needs sleeeeeep. i woke up at 8:30 this morning and it's only 8:45 this evening and my head is heavy and i'm sleepy enough to hit the sheets.

after i posted last, i realized i was definitely feeling some baby movement, but even though i'm going on two weeks of feeling movement, they are still tiny and hardly noticeable at times. this baby has yet to give me a kick anything like river's!

as happened during my pregnancy with river, during my 17th week of pregnancy (16 weeks along) i seemed to have exploded! i actually look pregnant now, and got my first "how far along are you" question yesterday. i'm sure there are still plenty people out there who think i am just a skinny girl with a fat belly.

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  1. Skinny girl with a fat belly? No you could never look like that being preggy. ^_^ You look adorable :D.