Monday, February 14, 2011

food diary - week 5

february 10
10:00 am steel cut oats w/ honey & blackberries, coffee ice cream, glass of milk
12:00 pm 3 eggs scrambled w/ 2 cups spinach, glass of water
2:30 pm snack of cheese, bowl of cereal, pistachio crackers, glass of water
6:00 pm two helpings of homemade mac & cheese w/ sausage, two glasses of water
10:30 pm dump cake, glass of milk

february 11
9:00 am yogurt with blackberries and raw sugar
11:30 am dump cake, glass of water
2:00 pm two helpings homemade mac & cheese, two glasses of water
6:00 pm two bowls cereal
10:00 pm ham sandwhich w/ swiss cheese spinach, olives, banana peppers, glass of water, cup of hot cocoa

february 12
10:30 am fruit smoothie made w/ almond milk & honey
1:30 pm cheese enchiladas, rice & beans, two glasses of sweet tea, one glass of water
8:00 pm cheesy pasta casserole

february 13
9:30 am egg & bacon taco
12:30 pm lomein & rice, glass of water
6:00 pm cheesy pasta casserole
8:30 pm bran cereal w/ organic milk, blueberries and bananas
11:00 pm 1/2 avocado

february 14
9:30 am two muffins, handful of grapes, glass of milk
1:00 pm nachos w/ chicken & veggies, 2 glasses of water, handful of grapes
5:00 pm giant slice of the fattest, most unhealthy, delicious pie you can imagine
7:45 pm creamy pesto pasta, two glasses water

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